John Gotts (D) Concedes WA 15th Legislative Election To David Taylor (R)

John Gotts, the Democrat challenger to Washington’s 15th Legislative District Republican Representative, has conceded the election.

Earlier this week, I spoke with Mr. Gotts by telephone, who informed me that after conversations with a political consultant, he had made the decision to concede the election to David Taylor.  He determined that after a pro-longed absence from the area during the primary election season, that it would be too much of an uphill battle to overcome the momentum that David Taylor has right now.

Mr. Taylor was appointed earlier this year to fill a vacancy caused by former Representative Newhouse’s departure.  Due to the mid-term appointment, the 15th Legislative District seat is on the ballot for this fall’s election.  The winner will serve the remainder of the regular term, and the position will be on the ballot again next year.

On his blog, Mr. Gotts states in part:

I talked with advisors and thought about what the chances were for a win and I’ve decided that at this late stage of the race it would be nearly impossible to achieve victory in November against State Representative David Taylor and so for the second time in this race I am removing myself from the election.

Representative Taylor is a good man who has the needs of the people at heart and I respect him very much. The 15th Legislative District is in my opinion well-represented. I believe that he will do his best to bring jobs and economic recovery to our District.

To read all of Mr. Gotts’ comments, you can visit his blog, here.

Mr. Gotts has many interesting ideas for bringing jobs to the district.  He said that he had spoken with Representative Taylor about some of his proposals, and that Mr. Taylor may support some of them.

After speaking with Mr. Gotts, I came away with the impression that we have not heard the last from him.  In fact, he states on his blog that he may run for Congress in 2012.

I look forward to having a continued dialog with Mr. Gotts in the coming months and years.  He has some innovative ideas to help guide the United States towards greater energy independence that deserve a place in the public debate.  While I am not committing to support any of his proposals, I believe we share a mutual goal of weaning America of its dependence on foreign oil.

I wish Mr. Gotts the best of luck in his business endeavors, and I thank him for his involvement in the politics of our District.

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