Samsung Chromebook Now Supports Extended Desktop

Samsung Chromebook
Samsung Chromebook (Photo credit: Cajie)

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What a difference a week can make!  In recent months, I have been using my Samsung Chromebook to make presentations on a weekly basis.  This week when I plugged my machine into the external display, I was shocked to find that it did not mirror the image on my screen.

After a little playing around (I did not understand why it was behaving different from the last time I did such a presentation), I found that the external display was now an extended desktop.  Yes that’s right boys and girls, this was accomplished by an upgrade to the Chrome OS, and was done in the background without me even noticing.

To accomplish the same thing with my aging desktop PC, I would need to buy and install new hardware in the form of a card.  Not so with my Google powered machine!

By the way, I am using the “stable” release of the operating system.  This feature has been available in the development channel for several months.

Also, a fix is now out that allows users of Netflix to instantly stream movies on the device.  This feature was lacking, but the promised solution is now available for all.  Life just keeps getting better and better with the Chromebook.